Nampa 2035 Comprehensive Plan

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Development of the Plan

On February 6, 2012 the Nampa City Council adopted an extensive update to the city’s Comprehensive Plan. This updated plan is the result of two years of gathering public input, analyzing the community, and developing goals and strategies to achieve the community vision for the year 2035. A unique public participation process was used to determine community vision and needs. Rather than relying solely on attendance at public meetings, city staff took public input stations to key locations throughout the community where residents already gathered. Multiple public workshops and steering committee meetings were also instrumental in developing the plan.

What is in the Plan

The plan introduces significant changes to the future land uses in areas where Nampa is projected to grow. One significant change designates a greater degree of mixed use development and encourages a variety of complimentary land uses in key areas. Participants in the process felt that business friendly land uses and other incentives were critical to Nampa’s economic growth. Creating community atmosphere and infrastructure that promotes economic expansion is critical to attracting employers who improve the quality of life in Nampa. The concept of connecting people to destinations and to major transportation routes was another important component of the Comprehensive Plan. The plan recommends being innovative in how we address traditional public services like transportation, parks and recreation, and community development issues. Participants felt this non-traditional approach to city governing was critical to providing fiscally responsible service. Participants called on city leadership to respond to current public needs and plan for projected growth and demand in order to ensure maintenance and necessary replacement of city facilities and infrastructure in the future.

To view or download a pdf of the Nampa 2035 Comprehensive Plan click here.

To view or download a pdf of the Nampa 2035 Comprehensive Plan - Proposed Future Land Use Map click here.